BattlePets 1.01

A Pokemon clone with fantasy pets


  • Based on Pokemon


  • Poor graphics
  • Not very well documented

Not bad

BattlePets is a simple computer game much like Pokemon, where you train your own pets and engage in battles against others.

Players in BattlePets explore dark caves and haunted castles, searching for other pets to fight and in-game items. Battles in BattlePets fights are turn-based, meaning that instead of fighting in real time, players take turns to throw spells at each other.

When you feel ready, you can challenge the Evil Wizards and try to free the island of Enchantia from their terrible reign.

BattlePets features very simple graphics and is mainly aimed at children. Bear in mind that the game is not very well documented.

BattlePets is a Pokemon clone in which you can train fantasy pets and engage in battles against other creatures.



BattlePets 1.01

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